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Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty)


The Rhinoplasty procedure is performed to modify the nose by changing its size and sculpting the nasal structures so that the nose is in harmony with other facial features. When the surgery is performed to improve appearance, the nose is reshaped on an individual basis to achieve a more desirable, natural, and non-surgical shape. This is in contrast to the unfortunately common and obvious surgical appearance of the scooped-out, turned-up nose with a pinched tip. 


Rhinoplasty may also improve nasal breathing when the septum is deviated, or if the patient suffers from allergies or sinus problems. Regardless of what is needed – removal of a hump, decreasing the length or width of the nose, correcting a deviation (or in some cases building up nasal depressions) – we tailor the procedure to meet the individual needs of each patient’s nose and face. 


Since 63% of our Rhinoplasty patients are revisions of another doctor’s previous work, we know first-hand that Rhinoplasty is a particular talent and not one that can be taught. First it is conceptual, and equally as important is the ability to actually create the nose that would best be in harmony with a patient’s face.

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