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Mentoplasty (chin surgery) is performed to either increase or decrease the size of the chin. As in nasal surgery, we want to achieve harmony with the surrounding facial characteristics. Ideally, the chin should project to a point immediately below the lower lip. When surgery of the chin is necessary, it can be performed in conjunction with the Rhinoplasty procedure or as a separate procedure. In most cases, the deformity is most likely an over-developed chin; a chin that projects too much. A small incision is made in a natural indentation under the chin, the chin is shaved to the point that it is in balance with the lower lip, and closed using tiny stitches. Stitches are removed at six days. 

The doctor takes all features into consideration when balancing features to make sure that changing one thing does not throw something else out of balance. When Chin/Jawline Contouring is appropriate, the procedure involves making a small incision underneath the chin in the crease to gain access to the area, and then grinding down the bone to reshape the chin/jawline into a more female shape. Sometimes a Chin Implant is used in combination with the re-contouring to further shape the chin.


Very often reducing the size of the jawline and the chin will actually throw the entire face out of balance making the upper half of the face look too large for the lower face.


Chin Contouring can include reducing height, width, and length from the chin. This procedure, to shave the chin, has a much lower potential of complications/risks than the sliding Genioplasty. 



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