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cheek augmentation

There is not particular cheek shape or definition that most men or women have. In general, a fuller, more prominent cheek is ideal for the Facial Feminization process. There are 3 different main types of implants, which come in a variety of sizes so that each patient can receive a customized fit.

  • Cheek implants (malar): These are placed directly on the cheek bones to increase prominence or give “high” cheek bones.

  • Below the cheek (submalar): These are placed just under the cheek bone to correct a hollow or sunken-in appearance and to create more fullness.

  • Combined (malar/submalar): These implants go over and below the cheek bone to increase prominence and to correct hollowness under the cheek.

This procedure is usually performed through incisions inside the mouth so there are no visible scars.

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