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The aging process involves the loss of elasticity in the skin, decreased muscle tone, and the loss of fatty tissue immediately beneath the facial skin. Conversely, there may be an accumulation of fatty tissue and relaxed muscle under the skin. Heredity and sun exposure definitely influence the progression of facial aging. We perform facelift surgery (cheek-neck lift surgery) to improve the aged appearance of the lower two thirds of the face and neck. The amount of improvement with the surgery depends upon the extent of sagging, the bone structure of the face, and wrinkling of the skin. The goal of the surgery is a more rested, vibrant and natural look – not a pulled, mask-like appearance.

In the past, facelift surgery involved only the removal of excess facial and neck skin. Today, there are several techniques used in facelifts, depending upon the problem each patient has and what the patient wants to achieve. Each technique allows us to improve our results and meet the needs of individual patients. The most common patient concerns are the jowls that occur along the jaw line, lax skin in the neck, bands or “turkey gobbler” appearance of the neck under the chin, and an accumulation of fat immediately beneath the chin. In order to correct these problems, all of the involved tissues must be corrected. That is to say, not only is excess skin excised and fat removed with liposuction, but the platysma muscle is lifted and tightened as well. It is called the platysma cervical lift. We can remove excess muscle which cause bands under the chin, and elevate the muscle to decrease or eliminate the jowls. By pulling the sagging muscle up, we can tighten those muscles and avoid tension on the skin. A much better, longer-lasting result can be achieved with the deeper plane facelift. This eliminates the unnatural, mask-like look that can occur when the skin is pulled tightly. 

The necklift procedure involves tightening the muscle and removing any extra/excess skin along the jawline and under the chin, with or without liposuction (if there is excess fat involved as well). Excess skin is then removed to contour the neck into a youthful angle with the jaw. 

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